M/N Purpose


The world produces twice the amount of food it can consume and yet a third of its population goes hungry. Recently the United Nations finally recognized that the problem stems from viewing food vertically as a financial asset to be traded on the stock exchange rather than viewing it laterally as a commodity. A lateral view raises such questions as: Where is it produced? How much is produced? How much is used? Where is it lacking?

As the United Nations gradually transitions from a straightjacket, vertical fixation to a lateral view in food management, world hunger will become but a distant memory. This example demonstrates the incredible benefits that result from lateral organizing, There are many more, to name a few:

  • In competitive/vertical organizing there can be only one winner; in lateral organizing everyone wins;

  • The flow of vast amounts of information at lightening speed today is conducive to a heart attack as our information arteries have become restricted by a habit of vertical processing and acting; lateral processing and cooperative action with peers open up the veins of our mind for the free flow of information and creative joint action; and

  • Lateral organizing fosters a culture of cooperation which balances an obsession with promoting competition and vertical organizing on the false assumption that order and progress will certainly follow.