Micro-nation Defined


For our purpose, a working definition of a micro-nation (M/N) is: a zip-code area brought to life through the ongoing lateral gathering of residents based on caring and shared values.

Lateral peer-to-peer organizing, versus the vertical top-down chain-of-command that now dominates our attention, is at a cutting edge of social evolution today fueled by a virtual explosion of communication technologies.

What makes a M/N unique is that it functions in a small enough area for organizing to be lateral, peer-to-peer rather than vertical. In effect, everyone can be made to feel important and responsible for what goes on in the social and environmental world of a zip code area.

In the whirlwind of change today, organizing human and material resources needs to have a person-to-person dimension rather than left solely to vertical systems. To do so requires a focus on a defined locality in order to nurture neighbor-to-neighbor communication. Exclusive fixation on impersonal, large and overarching frameworks requires vertical organizing that brings with it myriad  problems.

The United States is already conveniently divided into zip-code areas and, consequently, has made the first step necessary to nurture the gradual development of a M/N. Whether viewed as macro or micro, a nation is not a group with an agenda but a nation with specific meaning, namely, simply a people within defined boarders - whether the area is large or small.

When you narrow your view of nation to a zip-code size M/N, a feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming when faced with the thought of a macro-nation that is powerful and overbearing. In time, however, lateral organizing, which is so new to many now, will be the tail that wags the dog – much like a tiny cell in your body that can determine the state of your health. The world is becoming a global village; at the same time, the small village of a M/N needs to become a world lest we all lose our humanity in the frantic pace that dominates our life today.