Lateral Oriented

LATERAL ORIENTED means in effect the cooperation of individuals as equals in achieving a goal based on caring and shared values.

On this page your web manager should keep a list of those groups that reflect a lateral orientation and voluntarily want to connect with your micro-nation (M/N). A group will have leadership but to be laterally oriented the leadership needs to rise from the members in a fundamental way.

Your M/N should give each group in your zip-code area the opportunity to develop its own sub-page to be posted on your website. If possible, let each group decide its lateral/vertical orientation. The group needs to include its name, contact person, address, phone, email, website and the like so that the group can be reached by interested parties. The page will give the group a platform to explain what it is about, its activities, accomplishments and hopes for the future.

Groups listed on this ‘lateral oriented’ page are in effect an extension of your M/N in your zip-code area. Expanding this list amounts to building your M/N. Promote communication among lateral groups through exchange of ideas/concerns because such sharing is the life blood of a M/N.Vertical groups should always have an open invitation to join in the conversation.