Every zip-code area through the creativity of its people is a resource with unlimited potential. A micro-nation (M/N) aims to realize the rich  potential through gathering together people within the area. Since the people themselves are the true wealth, keep in mind that all human gatherings are the same; it is the agenda that makes a gathering different.

If there is an agenda for a M/N it is to function as a nation by raising the awareness of individuals and groups that they indeed form a nation not only on a macro but also on a micro scale. Virtually all other agendas produce vertical organizing, which, when pushed to extremes, participants end up talking to themselves. Lateral organizing is the grease to the wheel of cooperation that makes any worthy agenda achievable.

The challenge of lateral organizing arises in drawing  groups, vertically oriented around a specific agenda, to a lateral cooperation for the good of the whole.  It is therefore important that the M/N  take note as to whether a particular gathering is driven laterally or vertically. A clue in making a determination is, if the group is driven vertically, then numbers are important; if driven laterally, person-to-person connection is important. The issue is, which dominates – numbers or connections.

The web master needs to be sure to contact a group to get consent before listing the group under lateral RESOURCE. All groups listed under either lateral or vertical should be contacted and give the opportunity to develop their own page on your website.

Groups that already gather within a M/N  provide a clear resource upon which a M/N can build. Lateral groups are obviously easier to work with than vertical. The web master in dividing the RESOURCE category into lateral versus vertical groups enables the M/N to devise an effective action plan because success depends much on how you treat people. Isms and ideologies often loose their power at a person versus group level.

Lateral groups will easily join with others and with the M/N to raise the awareness of being a nation together. However, since a vertical group is often locked onto an agenda, drawing such a group into the M/N means finding ways to further the agenda of the group and thereby raise their awareness of the wider vision of a M/N.

Keep in mind it takes time to find a balance between vertical and lateral organizing. If a  specific agenda has become a straightjacket for a group, it will take time to make connections outside the agenda. When it comes to lateral organizing, one must crawl before one walks let alone run.