Although independent, the micro-nation network owes its inspiration to THE NATION magazine, its editor Katrina vanden Heuvel, and the magazine’s dedicated staff. THE NATION, the oldest weekly publication in America, has contributed much in building our nation. In its 150 years of service its independent voice has spoken up to free the slaves, to defend the right of labor to organize during the robber baron days of the Great Depression, it has come to the defense of the victims of the McCarthy era, and today defends the hard pressed middle class against the greedy corporate takeover of our government.

THE NATION prides itself for its professional, independent reporting that seeks to be free from isms and ideologies that often distort the facts – a worthy model for a micro-nation (M/N) to follow. The M/N network encourages all to support THE NATION as a voice that aims to speak for all Americans and especially for those whose voice is suppresses by the powerful. Go to to learn more and give your support.



 THE NATION through its 150 years has now become like no other a national treasure speaking faithfully to what we are and what America can yet become. The Michigan Nation group is proud to play a small part in its inspiring tradition. It is the hope of our group to work at the grassroots level to foster greater appreciation of what THE NATION has done for our country, to realize more fully its ideals, and to gain support to ensure this national treasure endures for generations to come.

 To accomplish our goal of supporting THE NATION, we propose a plan of action that involves setting up a communication process aimed at the specific objective of creating a network of micro-nations. We envision that micro-nations will provide a workable solution to the social cancers so often exposed by THE NATION.

 A plan of action at a grassroots level requires skillful, lateral organizing based on willing cooperation in lieu of vertical organizing based on grudging allegiance to superior authority.  Lateral organizing depends on both a clear communication process and a specific goal to be achieved, analogous to the nerve system and functioning body of a living organism.

 To work effectively with THE NATION we propose the adoption of the attached COMMUNICATION FLOW CHART that defines the ‘nerve’ system of communication between THE NATION, the State level leadership, and the micro-nation network. The goal of the communication process is to create micro-nations with the help of local NATION readers and others to not only address social problems but to support in every way possible THE NATION. For a working definition of what we think a micro-nation network would look like go

Unlike authority driven vertical organizing, lateral organizing requires ongoing adaptation to situations at the micro-grassroots level. Our proposed plan of action is intended as a beginning and will evolve over time. To our knowledge, no publication or organization in America provides an action plan such as here being proposed. THE NATION, which has been the ‘Paul Revere’ throughout our troubled history, would become the first to offer a comprehensive action plan centered on a laterally organized micro-nation among neighbors that provides a solution to social ills while other individuals and organizations only sound alarms.

We would like to begin a dialogue on a communication process and the goal of creating a micro-nation network with THE NATION administration and the three states in our nascent network, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Once all agree on a communication process and a stated goal of creating micro-nations at a grassroots level, we can begin drawing in other states. Together we can begin growing a network of micro-nations to celebrate at ground level our heritage so beautifully preserved for many generations by THE NATION.